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Learn to manage your store online in a few days and secure the future of your business
In just 7 days we have installed a complete webshop for you on which your customers can order and pay online. Together with that we ensure optimal visibility via social media and make sure you can reach your customer on every online channel
Optimal online presence within 24 hours
We do a social media scan and optimize your profiles to better reach your customers
Online orders & payments possible within 7 days
Our team has a track record in creating websites quickly to be up and running in no time
Sustainable growth with existing & new customers
By deploying additional channels, new target groups are addressed to realize additional sales

Your customers are online!

Reach your customers via social media and let them immediately place orders via your webshop

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Beauty and Cosmetics products

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Satisfied with your current website?

Then you might fall into one of these 3 buckets ...

Yes, but I don't have (need) a webshop
The purpose of a website is not only direct sales, but can also be a means of getting visitors to the physical store through your products. In addition, you have the option to link your products with social media, which is not possible without a webshop.
Yes, but I do not have the expected sales
Let's face it, having a webshop does not guarantee online sales. You need the tools and knowledge that have been proven to really help make sales. We can help you use those tools and execute.
Yes, but the maintenance is ridiculously expensive
Website technology has evolved a lot. But parties still offer websites that require a lot of labor to create and maintain them. Don't be fooled and choose Shopify's open platform

Manage your online store where and when you want

One platform with all the Ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run and grow your business.

All your sales in one place

Use one platform to sell your products anywhere and to anyone: in person in your physical store and online through your website, social media and online marketplaces.

Sell everywhere

Take the guesswork out of marketing with built-in tools that allow you to create, run and analyze digital marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Instagram, etc ...

Manage everything

Verwerf de inzichten die je nodig hebt om te groeien: gebruik één dashboard om bestellingen, verzending en betalingen overal te beheren.
The demand to start an online store has never been greater. This is due to a number of factors:
1. The current corona crisis means that your physical store has to be closed with great uncertainty and a loss of turnover as a result.

2. Second, small business entrepreneurs feel compelled to get on the Internet as online sales have increased by 40% in a short time due to the coronavirus.

3. Third, and perhaps more importantly, the modern tools available to us today make the process of selling online very affordable and easy to use.
With the ease of use and our knowledge in Shopify, we are able to get your store online super fast and ensure the highest conversion for your customers.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the fastest and easiest way to build a cost-effective online store. More than 1,000,000 businesses in 175 countries around the world have generated more than $ 200 billion in sales with Shopify.

We help businesses start, grow, and adjust their Shopify stores for the best results. Shopify is perfect for startups and businesses on a small budget.

Visit the Shopify website for more information

From $ 995 you can get started with your own beautiful webshop. Leveraging the expertise and experience of our team of Shopify website developers, your store will be launched online in no time.

This process is truly transformative ... check out what our customers are saying.

We build and launch your Shopify store!

A Shopify store is recommended if you ...

Need your online store quickly?

Our team has a track record of quickly setting up Shopify sites and getting them up and running in no time so you no longer have to miss out on customer orders. With the help of experienced Shopify experts, we ensure that your store is online within 7 days.

Want a full online shop that is easily manageable

We will talk to you and teach you how to manage and expand your online store in no time so that you can put your entire range online and serve your customers. In addition, all your social media channels are linked to the shop for optimal reach.

Want to be ready for the future without making commitments

With appropriate integrated marketing tools you learn how to sell more to your existing customers and attract new customers. This can range from search engine optimization to Facebook ads to automated email campaigns.
This is what others say about our service

"Just awesome!"- Zyko Design

It was a great experience to work with Henk and Ruben in the creation of our website. They were able to create a site in no time that met our complicated requirements and was proactive and helpful along the way. We will continue to work with them now that the site has launched and their continued support has been great.- Roman, Zyko Design (

This was our rescue - Dottle

" was the solution for us to offer our products online. Thanks to many years of experience in web development and online marketing, they were able to help us quickly and effectively. Within 2 months, we have gone from nothing to $ 23,000 turnover. gone a month! "- Jaime, Dottle (

It's that simple .. Anyone can do this!

As a brand that has to focus 100% on our core competence of interior and design, it was essential to outsource our e-commerce development to a reliable and reliable provider. The knowledge of professionals like Ruben and Henk has enabled us to scale using a turnkey solution that can be easily integrated into our physical store.
- Katherine, DekaPlaza ( 

This is how we bring your store online in 1, 2, 3!


Shopify Initial shop setup

In this first part of the project, we'll cover all the basics to get your site up and running:
  • Review of website requirements, content, products
  • Presentation of themes that match website needs and aesthetics
  • To install your theme and configure its options and settings
  • Site-content set: homepage, product pages and internal pages.
  • Set up of navigation to match sitemap and aid in user experience
  • Checkout and configuration of the payment process
  • ​Go live


Shopify customizations

Here we add all those little extras that make your store unique. Improvements and tweaks to functionality, theme changes, unique inventory or shipping integration, etc.


Launch of Shopify site

We go through our pre-launch and post-launch checklists to make sure all details are addressed and that your site displays and works properly.

Simple and fair Prices

You pay 50% at the start and 50% after delivery

one-off from price excl. Shopify fees
  • Intake conversation
  • Facebook/Instagram Shop analysis
  • Facebook/Instagram Shop setup/optimalization
  • E-mailmarketing potential analysis + set up
one-off from price excl. Shopify fees
  • Intake conversation
  • Fast Shopify Store setup
  • Facebook/Instagram Shop integration
  • E-mailmarketing potential analysis + set up
  • Training

Most Popular

one-off from price excl. Shopify fees
  • Intake conversation
  • Fast Shopify Store setup
  • Facebook/Instagram Shop integration
  • Training & Advice
  • Shopify Store improvements and integrations
  • Integration E-mailmarketing
  • Basic SEO setup
* All prices are exclusive of VAT

Frequently asked Questions

Can I build an Ecommerce store for free?

At the end of the ride, no, not really.

Okay, to be more specific, you can "technically" build a web shop for free, but websites like that usually don't allow you to accept payments. And accepting payments is actually the whole concept of an online store, right? So you will in any case have to pay something to set this up.

A lot of parties offer a website for free, but what they actually do is offer you a platform to create a website with. And if you don't know much about websites and you don't want to waste time learning this, then the cost of having this built quickly becomes high. In addition, you are still highly dependent on the developer of that platform when certain updates have to be done.

Can I learn how to start an online store myself?

Yes, you can learn how to start an online store yourself. No programming or web design skills required. However, in order to be online quickly, it is advisable to have this set up by specialists who do this on a daily basis so that you can learn how to manage and maintain your store. This management is really not as complicated as it seems thanks to the latest technological applications. We will help you on your way with an introductory training.

How do I handle payments?

Online payment methods - "gateways" - are integrated into all modern online shopping solutions, and soon even in Facebook and Instagram. Your customers can then pay for everything directly from your site or social media channels. You can also work with local payment providers.

There are also several ways customers can pay online without using a credit card, such as PayPal, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. You can also choose to accept alternative payment methods, such as cryptocurrency.

Are there any transaction costs?

If you use Shopify Payments, you do not pay any transaction costs. If you choose an external payment gateway, an additional fee of 2%, 1%, or 0.5% respectively applies to our Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans.

Do I have to add my products manually?

That depends on a number of factors. Here's the gist of it:

If you set up your store page through Shopify, everything should sync automatically. This means that Facebook has information on how to link your store and sync all products with the Facebook store page.
If you have set up your shop page manually, yes, you will have to add the products manually. The same goes for updating all details (price, availability, descriptions, etc.).

What are the image requirements for product photos on a Facebook shop page?

Your best bet is to check out Facebook's guidelines for listing products as requirements change from time to time.

There are also several things to worry about, such as size, image formatting, and backgrounds. For example, at the time of this article, Facebook recommends using image resolutions of 1024x1024 or higher, along with white backgrounds and square images.

How is the pricing structured?

Facebook / Instagram Shops is free to use (gateway not yet active in the EU), so the only cost is € 495 for the setup where you can go online within 24 hours.

Shopify has three plans, ranging from $ 29 / month to $ 299 / month. The most suitable plan depends on the number of people who will manage your store, the number of languages, the type of reports and whether you need advanced features such as real-time shipping by carriers and exchange rates.
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